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iMusic IE+ app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 5488 ratings )
Music Entertainment
Developer: Thu Ha Pham
Current version: 1.3, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 02 Sep 2016
App size: 6.04 Mb

Explore & Watch
* Find music channels with optimized Search filters
* Music streaming is optimized for both speed and quality

Pros and cons of iMusic IE+ app for iPhone and iPad

iMusic IE+ app good for

Whenever I wanna delete a playlist or song itll just come back even tho I deleted it
This app is amazing Im in love. All the songs I thought werent gonna be on here are. 5 stars hands down
Its a really good apps its just its hard to look for a original song, instead of a cover or mix
bruhh u get to listen to music w/out ads fr bruhh im so dang happppppy
All I have to say is I love this app so much I use it at least 2 hours a day
It always pauses while a song is playing because of an ad, this is very annoying

Some bad moments

i thought i accidentally deleted the other app a couple days ago and i was so furious because i lost all my music playlists!! but i just found out they took it off the app store and i really want it back! they couldve at least have given a heads up bc i bet a lot of other peoples music is gone too/:
The other imusic app was the best I loved the other one sm then i deleted bc I thought that the app was messed up bc it kept saying no results but then I went to redownload it and it was no longer available please bring it back???I loved it sm that was the only app I found that would cache my songs so I could listen offline????please bring it back???????
They dont catch songs and they dont give out the original music
If i could rate this app 0 stars i would but anyways this is trash bring the other iMusic back the one you could use without internet! Ugh that one was the best music app!
Bring back cache I cant listen to any songs without wifi! Big flaw
its hard to find original songs when i search songs only pop up remixes really annoying

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