iMusic IE+ App Reviews

97 add


No problem with it so far?


Nao funciona off

I agreee

Plzzz bring the other imusic back it was much Much better

Love it

I really like this app

Is okay

Yeah Is Ight

Wont let me delete stuff

Whenever I wanna delete a playlist or song itll just come back even tho I deleted it

I love it

This app is amazing Im in love. All the songs I thought werent gonna be on here are. 5 stars hands down

Bring the old one

the old one was so much better it was actually easy to use

Really good

Its a really good apps its just its hard to look for a original song, instead of a cover or mix

i miss the other app?⬇️pls read

i thought i accidentally deleted the other app a couple days ago and i was so furious because i lost all my music playlists!! but i just found out they took it off the app store and i really want it back! they couldve at least have given a heads up bc i bet a lot of other peoples music is gone too/:

best app ever

bruhh u get to listen to music w/out ads fr bruhh im so dang happppppy

its okay

i like that i can have songs that i cant in other apps

Good app but needs improvement

I am allowed to add the same song multiple times to a playlist, seems like a bug. Also the UI/Ux looks ugly, a look clean up starting with the app display name of "Free Music" to something nicer would do. Besides that great app!

App is fireeee

I rate that

old one

please bring the old version back :)

Please bring back the other I music app

The other imusic app was the best I loved the other one sm then i deleted bc I thought that the app was messed up bc it kept saying no results but then I went to redownload it and it was no longer available please bring it back???I loved it sm that was the only app I found that would cache my songs so I could listen offline????please bring it back???????

Not good

They dont catch songs and they dont give out the original music

Good app

Its a good app. Very good. Recommend it.

I love this app

All I have to say is I love this app so much I use it at least 2 hours a day

Free music ?

Good app but has a really bad quality -rate 7

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