iMusic IE+ App Reviews

97 add


Top, bom

Not that good

Found glitch in the system where I would go to the pop charts and the app would close. And find a lot of songs.


Good app


For looking up creation songs you have to put the artist then the song to find it. But its an amazing app

Nice app



I love how they have all my songs that I love ! I just wish they were in alphabetical order ?


This app is awesome ??

How do u use the app?

So I have been trying to find a free offline music app but I am tired of having to wait until they download and when they dont work I have to delete them ugh so annoying, one question can this app play offline with NOOO WIFI (NO INTERNET) (NOT BEING CONNECTED TO ANYTHING) and also how do u download music???


Been looking for this app for my new iphone as it was gone where i had been looking??


It was hard to enjoy with the constant asking for a review.

Its alright for home use

You cant listen to the music without data :(



Its liiiiiit

This app is Litty

I just started and I like it

Lol I just got this and its a great app lol

Better than SoundCloud

Works hella good need me another app like this


Pretty good app

I dont like it

I would 5 star this app if you can be able to listen to the music offline


Pretty good but need more official songs instead of covers and remixes


One of the best music apps ever


It is only remixes.

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